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Bardust & River Rocks

 Enjoy a good view in the garden of your home. with a bark dust installation and a decoration with river rocks?

Bark Dust installation

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My Green Pros offers a variety of mulch options for residential & commercial properties along with our other services. In addition to the beautiful fresh look of new mulch applied in the Portland landscape, there are actually a lot of great benefits to refreshing your bark mulch.

Bark offers an excellent form of weed control. This type of mulch is readily available and over time, it can help reduce soil compaction. Bark mulch decomposes more slowly than wood chips, so you don't have to replenish it as frequently. Bark mulch enriches the surrounding soil naturally with humus.

What does bark dust do?Like many other types of mulch, barkdust is used in gardening and landscaping for its properties in affecting soil pH, in regulating the temperature of the underlying soil, and preventing water loss and erosion. ... Barkdust is also effective at absorbing water and preventing water loss due to evaporation. 

Benefits of Mulch and Fabric Installation

  • Helps to keep unsightly weeds under control.
  • Keeps moisture where it belongs, in the root zone of your landscape plants.
  • Reduces and prevent erosion
  • Mulch breaks down into organic compost, improving the soil profile, and the health of the plants.
  • Keeps mowers away from the base of trees.

Moderates soil temperature fluctuations, protecting plant roots.

 Bark Dust and River Rocks  Installation.

Bardust & River Rocks. enjoy a good view in the garden of your home. with a bark dust installation and a decoration with river rocks,

Hundreds of clients call us around the year for these services. Bardust And and River Rocks. call us today and enjoy a wonderful garden?

Bardust & River Rocks,

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