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 Lawn Aeration, Lawn Thatching, Lawn Mowing, Landscaping Maintenance, Yard Cleanups, Barkdusting, Mulching, Presure Washing, Gutter Cleaning, Moss Removal, Weed Removal, Leaf Cleanups, Lawn Care Services, Fertilization, Reesiding, Trimming, Pruning, Bushes Shrubs, River Rocks, Blackberry Removal, Ivy Removal, Commercial Lawn Maintenance, Commercial Landscaping Maintenance, Landscape Maintenance.

A beautiful lawn signifies a beautiful home, and having one would brighten anyone's day. However, sprucing up a lawn takes time, patience and discipline. You let nature take its course while you guide it through its stages of growth. As they say, mighty oaks from little acorns grow.

o begin whit. Home sellers can depend on us for all needed landscaping maintenance. and lawn maintenance services to create that essential element of curb appeal so necessary for good property presentations that inspire the buyers,

Seasonal (spring and fall) yard cleanups are a necessary part of ensuring the health and growth of your lawn and landscaping throughout the year. Here in the Portland area, when the seasons change, there are specific tasks that need to be done on your property.

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Commercial And Residential Landscaping Maintenance Trimming & Pruning And Blackberry Removal, Godoy Landscaping Maintenance & Lawn Maintenance Services in Portland and Vancouver is a professional company to care for and meet the needs of your lawn with the highest quality services,

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We perform full seasonal pruning services throughout the spring, summer and fall to clear out spent flowers and ensure brilliant blooms. Our careful attention to detail will preserve your already existing plant life and allow you to enjoy a flourishing backyard and outdoor space year-round! Join hundreds of clients who request this service every year. and enjoy a good landscape on your property

 Because blackberries (Rubus) produce new plants from crown regrowth, from underground shoots called rhizomes and from seeds that germinate in both spring and fall, they are vigorous growers. Add to that their thorns, their 25 year life-span, and their massive, gnarly roots and you can see that it's no puzzle why the plants are so persistent. At times it may seem like removing blackberry bushes is an impossible...

Commercial Property Maintenance Services.

MY GREEN PROS. AND GODOY LANDSCAPING MAINTENANCE is a full service landscaping Maintenance and LAWN CARE and services for commercial properties. Our excellent reputation for providing the highest quality services and products has won our customer satisfaction.

As one of the best landscape main...

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enjoy a good view in the garden of your home. with a bark dust installation and a decoration with river rocks

yard cleanups and overgrown property cleanups in porland Oregon and vancouver, Wa


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