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if you are looking to remove Weeds from your lawn. we can eliminate it in three steps. Why in three steps. Many different Weeds tend to sprout on lawns. some die in the first treatment but others do not. some are large some are tender. for best results we recommend three times. and the lawn  is free of weeds,

if you want to get a grass maintenance service with us we keep your grass free of moss and weed throughout the year,

The best weed killer is prevention! Each type of grass has an ideal cutting height for good health and strong growth. When cut no lower than that height, and when cut before it gets too long, the grass will usually out-compete lawn weeds as long as it's also fertilized and watered properly. Longer grass helps prevent weeds in a couple of different ways. The taller growth shades the ground, keeping it cooler and retarding lawn weed seed germination. And once lawn weed seeds sprout, they don't have as much sunlight as they need for hardy growth.

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